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Custom Kitchen Design Remodels, July 7, 2007
by Ginny Russian

Published in Affluent Real Estate & Home Furnishings

When planning the design and/or remodel of an existing kitchen, there are crucial considerations that must be addressed to guide you through this challenging, yet exciting process. Today, function and aesthetics are two main ingredients to be blended seamlessly together to create the design that reflects your personal preferences, characteristics and overall vision. Kitchens of the past were designed for use rather than beauty. Planning, designing and installing a kitchen can be invigorating, stressful or a combination the two. There are a multitude of decisions and choices.

Traditional kitchens are still the most popular. Designed with the formal, elegant characteristics of American and European homes of the 18th to early 20th centuries, styles are derived from the Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, Regency, Italianate , Neoclassical, and Early American periods. Built with cherry, walnut or mahogany, they usually are adorned with ornate moulding, trim and other architectural accents and antique fixtures.

Contemporary kitchens, also known as modern, minimalist and geometric are characterized by the use of asymmetric and horizontal lines, eliminating the traditional use of moulding and architectural ornamentation. Encompassing styles from the 1940s to the present, they are extremely popular in European countries and are becoming popular in various parts of the United States. Although natural elements may be incorporated, contemporary kitchen designs use materials such as stainless steel, chrome, lacquer, concrete, laminate, frosted glass inserts and linoleum.

Transitional kitchens blend the elements from both traditional and contemporary designs with a mix of natural and high-tech materials, finishes and textures. Additionally, environmentally-friendly ("green") kitchen design is quickly gaining in popularity. Custom kitchen design is flexible and permits you choose the elements that reflect your lifestyle and choices.

Whether you are exploring your options or have definite ideas about designing your new, or remodeling your existing, kitchen, The Kitchen Strand in Hobe Sound, Florida, caters to discriminating homeowners, builders, developers, architects and interior designers. When you visit their showroom and meet with one of their professional, talented designers, they will "listen" to and work diligently with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your goals and desires. Stress will be eliminated as walk you through the process, which includes detailed discussions regarding cabinet styles, design elements, product features, appliance considerations, manufacturers, style preferences, storage requirements and projected costs.

Identifying the desired completion date, allows The Kitchen Strand to "Critical Path" the project from start to finish, establishing "benchmarks" that are carefully monitored and maintained by creating and defining timelines. Realizing that life throws curves, they include "wiggle room", work diligently to maintain the schedule and communicate with the client keeping them aware of each step. Upon a mutual understanding of your preferred design and budget parameters, a reservation is made to schedule your project. This process assures on-time installation and delivery of the finished product without any surprises.

First, an initial design proposal is created with a proposed floor plan, elevation sketches, a project overview including a critique of the existing space, architectural definition of new space, style and ergonomic review and quote based on styles and colors.

Next comes design development covering space, usage, color and all other details (initial layout and drawing reviews and revisions; ergonomic study, including work and traffic zones; reservation and delivery confirmation; architectural design & engineering plans; appliances and countertop selections; design of furniture, elements and specialty items; review of style and color samples and final project costs).

After careful review and approval of design development, factory and accessory orders are placed and confirmed and the manufacturing process begins. Upon completion and delivery, installation is the next phase followed by final review and approval.

The Kitchen Strands talents are not limited to kitchens; we create unique and distinctive custom designs for all you cabinetry needs, including The Kitchen Strand original furniture and designs.