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Our newest kitchen creation, a look at La Cornue and more.

Newsletter, February 2013

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View Details of Kitchen Photos
View Details of Kitchen Photos    View Details of Kitchen Photos
Playful but highly practical, this homeowner truly allowed us to stretch our creative legs. At our first interview, she reached into a bag to retrieve an eggplant LaCreuset lid, placed it on the table and announced that it should be our inspiration for her kitchen. We loved her instantly.
View Details of Kitchen Photos        The adjoining pantry is decidedly classic but retains a bit of whimsy, with a one-of-a-kind curved walnut ladder and "maritime blue" cabinet interiors.

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Designer's Notebook
La Cornue is at it again!

Some companies are all about innovation.
La Cornue, a French manufacturer of luxury cookers, is just such a company. You may know them by their trademark La Chateau series.

We are delighted to announce the introduction of La Cornue's much anticipated line of sleek cookers, the W Series, to South Florida.
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Frame it Up

Clement and Louis (brothers and installers) recently spent a cool December day turning Kitchen Strand leftovers into beautiful picture frames, with proceeds to benefit local charities. We barely made a dent in the stack of molding remnants, so let us know if your charitable organization could benefit from another day of their handiwork!
Frame it Up