The Kitchen Strand

About Us

Integrity and an extraordinary staff of talented professionals are the key ingredients to our success in the industry.

Our Philosophy

"Design and Ergonomic Philosophies* for Better Living", are reflected in every design created by our devoted team of licensed interior designers, technical engineers and master fitters. They put their hearts and souls into each project by integrating ergonomically correct specifications with visually aesthetic and soothing designs. This is evidenced by exquisitely produced spaces that are both fabulous and functional.


We are dedicated to producing superior workmanship resulting from a collaborative effort and daily communication between our team of skilled professionals and our clients. No other design & build company invests as much time developing and documenting critical information and details to ensure the quality of the finished product. A limited warranty and extended service plan are included with all projects.


We will guide you through all phases of your project from conception to completion. Each element of style and finish is reviewed and confirmed with sign-off approval sheets and color samples which prevent costly mistakes. Skilled installation teams review and double check all components prior to construction to assure a smooth process that will be completed correctly and on time.

* Ergonomics is the human study of design and arrangement of workspaces, equipment and storage systems relating to people interacting with the equipment in a healthy, comfortable and efficient manner.


We believe dependability, trust and daily communication build strong and lasting relationships. You are important to us, and your project is always a priority. We are dedicated to meeting your needs and producing your vision.