The Kitchen Strand

How We Work

We value our clients and are committed to providing magnificently designed cabinetry and unparalleled service.

Phase I - Exploring Your Vision

Meeting with you in our showroom, your vision for the space to be designed is reviewed. Cabinet styles, design elements, product features, appliance considerations are discussed in detail to develop a comprehensive understanding of your goals and desires regarding designs, style, storage, appliances and projected costs. Upon a mutual understanding of design and budget parameters, a meeting is scheduled for Phase II.

Phase II - Design & Budget Presentation

After a review of the proposed floor plan and elevation sketches, you are presented with a written proposal that includes:

  1. Overview of proposed project, style & design;
  2. Ergonomical review of proposal design;
  3. Architectural definition of new space;
  1. Quote based on styles & colors identified in Phase I;
  2. Design retainer agreement.

Phase III - Detailed Design Development

After design retainer is approved, the following commences:

  1. Initial CAD layout & drawing reviews;
  2. Redesign and review as required;
  3. Reservation and delivery confirmation;
  4. Architectural design & engineering plans;
  1. Appliances & countertop selections;
  2. Design of furniture, elements & specialty items;
  3. Style & color samples reviewed;
  4. Final project costs.

Phase IV - Purchase Agreement

Upon finalization of Phase III, a personal project binder is created containing final:

  1. Plans & elevations;
  2. Purchase agreement;
  1. Appliance confirmation sign-off list;
  2. Molding details;

Phase V - Delivery & Installation

  1. Components are delivered to the site, stored (if applicable), and installation begins.
  2. Upon substantial completion of the project, balance is due.
  3. The Kitchen Strand & manufacturers' warranties are issued when the project is complete.